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R22 Phase Out


When does R22 become illegal in the US: the definitive date

As per the US Environmental Protection Agency, R22 refrigerant will become illegal in the United States on January 1, 2020. After that R22 refrigerant phase out date, R22 refrigerant can no longer be manufactured or imported into the US.

What does the R22 phase out timeline mean for you?  After R22 becomes illegal on January 1, 2020, older R22 systems become obsolete and can no longer be repaired when the repair would require adding refrigerant to the system. Except for some simple electrical issues, many types of emergency repairs do require recharging refrigerant. You’ve probably guessed that fixing a refrigerant leak will be out of the question.

If you’ve been getting by with your old leaky system for a while by periodically adding more R22 refrigerant (which we DO NOT recommend by the way), those days are numbered and now is the time to figure out your plan for replacing the system.

The options for R22 system owners

Here at L&S Air Conditioning , we believe in being proactive and being transparent. That’s why we have been talking to our customers about this issue for some time now, so they understand the situation and can plan accordingly.

In general, owners of R22 air conditioners will have 3 choices:

▪Do nothing until your system breaks down.

▪Retrofit (or convert) your old R22 equipment to use an existing refrigerant (This will reduce the capacity of the air conditioning system by roughly 5% which definitely effect your heating and/or cooling)▪▪Replace your system proactively.▪

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